2017 Beach re-nourishment!

I haven't read an exact start date but our beach will be undergoing another re-nourishment in late 2017! We are very excited about this as the many storms have reclaimed much of what we once had. What this means is that they will be dredging up the sand and placing it on a barge parked far offshore. A pipeline is then laid from the barge to the beach which they mix the sand with water and using a jet engine this mixture gets pumped to the beach and once it builds up onshore the ground equipment will then move it to where they want it. Its an amazing process to watch. What this also means is that when they are working on the section closest to the cottages, they close off a section at a time and you will need to walk either north or south to plant your toes in the sand. The operation goes on 24 hours a day and most noise is contained offshore. It will be great to have our nice wide beach back! The last time they did this the beach increased about 4-5 times what it is now.

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