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Currently, we are listed with OTA sites such as Homeaway, VRBO, and TripAdvisor as well as

At the end of March, we will be terminating all our agreements with all of them with the exception of, and will only open that during off times.

When the OTA's started, they were listing sites only. You still had control over the reservation and had the ability to speak with the guest. All that has changed and now they are even requiring owners to allow them to collect the money and then float it for a month. Besides the huge increase in yearly fee's we pay as owners, they are also now assessing guests fee's just to make a reservation. We feel they have crossed the line so since our website is doing well on Google, we are leaving all of the sites, again with the exception of, which will be used as needed. There is a movement online #bookdirect which we fully support and tweeted about yesterday as 2/7 was guest awareness day. The best rates and lowest fee's on the internet are not with the OTA megacompanies, they are with the small business owners who manage their properties and websites themselves, such as SunTiki Cottages. See you on the beach!!

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All SunTiki Cottages are both smoke and pet free environments.

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